Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So after waiting almost a week for my battery charger to get here I finally got to take a few snaps before the sun went down. As for the charger, THANK YOU to Peter at Ritz Camera for being so awesome and prompt about getting my merchandise out to me. Too bad Fed Ex didn't follow suit. (Bitter much?! lol)

Now for the good stuff.

This is my favorite edit. I'm actually quite proud of it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ian revisited

I went back and took some more photos of my guy before dinner. This one was my favorite.

Ian Bein'

Getting a picture of Ian is like catching lightning in a bottle, pretty much impossible. I managed to drag him out to take a few snaps today but had a difficult time getting anything I liked. These were the best of what I managed to take before he was done and I like them to an extent but I'll be trying again tonight.

Fun With Actions

Thanks to my wonderful friend Kristin, I have become quite smitten with actions. Fun fun! I obtained a GREAT action created by the lovely Crystal over on the Family Photography board on IVillage and am completely in love with it. I also went over to Coffeeshop and got several of Rita's amazing actions. I am really digging her Color Pop and Powder Room right now.
Here are images of my Kitty girl. One done with nothing but Noiseware and a few basic edits in CS3 and the other with Crystal's chocolate b&w action and her dodge and burn.

I've been a busy girl. I decided to try out a challenge on the Family Photography board over on IV. The object was to photograph a "boring" object and make it interesting. Behold my Buddha. I hope I achieved my goal and made him sort of, you know, like someone you would want to hang out with. Yes?

Another that I took today for a different challenge. Early afternoon light is pretty cruddy for me right now but I did like this one.

Monday, February 16, 2009

On a Roll!

This an edit of a photo I took yesterday. I like the image itself but I had to soften the skin and remove a lot of yellow from the overall picture. The subject is my sweet hubby.

sigh. What a doll.

The First

How exciting! It's my very own photo blog using pictures from my lovely new Canon XTi/400D. This is the third day I've had it and my first attempts at learning to use it. These pictures were taken in my kitchen with a bit of natural light at the windows. All of other indoor attempts have produced some very red images. Bummer. Ah well, as Dory says, just keep on swimming.